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June 2011 The Congress of Traditional Anglicans

Theme: Reaffirmation – Celebrating Our Anglican Heritage

8 Papers Presented by Anglican Leaders:

Catholic Faith and Anglican Doctrine by Rt. Rev. Robert David Redmile
Apostolic Authority and Anglican Orders by Most Rev. Peter D. Robinson
Reaching Out to the Persecuted Church by Rt. Rev. Peter Jardine
Metropolitan’s Address to the Canadian Church Congress by Most Rev. Mark Haverland
Address by Rt. Rev. Brian R. Marsh
The Beauty Of Holiness: Anglican Worship and Sacramental Theology by Rev. Canon Kenneth Gunn-Walberg
Sermon at the Holy Eucharist by Most Rev. James E. Provence
Sermon: Commemoration of the Saints of the Anglican Tradition by Rt. Rev. Brian Iverach

September 2009 Joint Conference of the Anglican Guild of Scholars and the FCC

5 Papers Presented:

The Continuum and Its Problems by Wallace Spaulding
Rolling Up Our Sleeves by Rt. Rev. Paul C. Hewett
Anglican Identity by Father Robert Hart
Anglicans/Episcopalians Looking To Rome: 1570–Present by Rev. Msgr. Daniel S. Hamilton
A Layman’s Perspective On Christian Leadership by Woody Needham

All documents, newsletters and forms available on this website are listed below.

1 Redmile (66.9k)
2 Robinson (90.1k)
3 Jardine (35.7k)
4 Haverland (45.9k)
5 Marsh (63.1k)
6 Gunn Walberg (116.6k)
7 Provence (32.2k)
8 Iverach (35.2k)
2011 Congress Brochure (1.6M)
Africa Appeal August 2012 (376.9k)
Africa Appeal Dec 2012 Jan 2013 (272.9k)
Africa Appeal January 2012 (384.6k)
Africa Appeal June 2012 (130.9k)
Africa Appeal November 2012 (186.3k)
Africa Appeal October 2012 (254.1k)
Africa Appeal September 2012 (305.7k)
Anglican Identity (76.3k)
Apostles Creed (63k)
Continuum Problems (98.6k)
FCC Membership Form 2017 (MS Word) (30.5k)
FCC Membership Form 2017 (57.7k)
Layman Perspective (265.7k)
Looking to Rome (132.1k)
Rolling Up Our Sleeves (71.2k)
The Affirmation of St Louis (60.2k)
The Athanasian Creed (92.7k)
The Certain Trumpet Spring 2009 (46.8k)
The Certain Trumpet Fall 2009 (46.6k)
The Certain Trumpet Summer 2010 (37.1k)
The Certain Trumpet Fall 2011 (69.1k)
The Certain Trumpet Winter 2011 (66k)
The Certain Trumpet Fall 2012 (436.3k)
The Certain Trumpet Spring 2013 (198.4k)
The Certain Trumpet Winter 2014 (286.7k)
The Certain Trumpet Dec 2014 (173.9k)
The Certain Trumpet Winter 2015 (286.7k)
The Certain Trumpet Winter 2015-2016 (329.6k)
The Certain Trumpet Fall 2016 (249k)